Want to play, but don't have a team?

Not a problem! You can still play. Contact the Sports Dude at (800) 464-0452 x 134 or sportsdude@employeesclub.com today.

2019 Spring Basketball Season Has Begun!

Who Can Join?

  • Managers of teams with at least 5 players are welcome to register with a maximum of 12 players on the roster. At this time, the Club is not registering individual players. However, an individual players list will be available for registered teams to select from and add to their teams if they choose. The Sports Dude recommends that you form a team to increase your chances of playing in the league.
  • All new players must be Club Members and agree to all regular Club Membership rules and regulations. Players who are not Club Members must join to play in the Club Basketball League. Some exceptions must be approved by the Club League Office.
  • Time and space are extremely limited for the Club Basketball League. If league is filled, names of players will be kept for the next league.
  • Club Basketball league players must be current Club members in good standing. Employees of any city, state and county agency in the State of California are welcome.
  • Men and women players welcomed.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out the forms and submit it to the sportsdude@employeesclub.com. Alternatively, the Sports Dude will be at the Club store every Monday morning if you would like to meet him in person to go over any details.

Got More Questions, call (800) 464-0452 x 134.