What is Funeral Pre-planning Service?

Three words: Peace of Mind.  Pre-planning a funeral can reduce a lot of stress and anxiety on the individual and the entire family.  Pre-planning also allows the person to give their own input about their service, with great financial benefits as well.

Why you should pre-plan your funeral?

At-need versus pre-need:

“At-Need” funeral arrangements are made at the time of death generally by surviving family members.  The time frame to plan is short and emotions run high as family and friends are typically coping with grief.  Most people don’t always make the best decisions under pressure and distress.  Incurring unexpected costs of a funeral (averaging thousands of dollars) can be quite expensive.

“Pre- Need” funeral arrangements are done by the living.  By assuming financial responsibility, one can begin planning far in advance and also benefit from hedging against inflation for a service in the far tomorrow.  Exact wishes can be carried out and family members are spared the burden of costs and making arrangements.  Family and friends can simply show up and celebrate one’s life.

Plan highlights and features:

  • Homesteaders is rated A by AM Best.
  • Network is pre-screened by established family owned company.
  • Take this with you if you move out of state. Homesteaders is a nationwide company.
  • Eligible for city employees, spouses, retirees, parents and children.
  • Pay off in 7 years, insurance coverage from day 1 of policy effective date.
  • Finalize your last wishes to the fine details.
  • Hedge against inflation.
  • Relieve your family of the stress and burden of emotional planning.

LA County and LAUSD employees are not currently eligible for enrollment.

Contact the Club

For more information on pre-planning your funeral, please call:

Arlene Herrero
(800) 464-0452