Identity Theft
Protect the Identity of You
and Your Entire Family
for just a few dollars a month.

Don't let someone have fun
with your identity!

Identity Theft Protection

The Club has teamed up with InforArmor to provide you and your entire family around the clock identity theft protection. InfoArmor's SNAPD Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that monitors over 1 billion consumer transactions and more than 700 billion data points to uncover security concerns, fraudulent behavior, and identity theft sooner than credit monitoring.

Why Get Identity Theft Protection?

InfoArmor's SNAPD Identity Monitoring uses innovative technology to detect misuse or even an elevated likelihood for misuse of an individual's Social Security number, name, address, phone, and date of birth.

Features of InforArmor Protection Plan

  • SNAPD Identity Monitoring Proactive monitoring of over 700 billion data points to detect fraud before major damage is done.
  • Privacy Advocate Remediation A dedicated expert to provide full-service identity restoration if you do become a victim.
  • $25,000 Out-of-Pocket Expense Coverage Protects against out-of-pocket damages resulting from identity theft.
  • Solicitation Reduction Reduce junk mail, pre-approved credit card offers, and telemarketing calls to prevent the root cause of up to 20% of ID fraud.
  • IdentityMD Provides step-by-step help managing identity recovery efforts for victims plus tips, tools, and resources to prevent identity theft.
  • WalletArmor Reduces damages of lost or stolen wallet to quickly replace cards and important items.

LA County and LAUSD employees are not currently eligible for enrollment.

Downloadable Forms

Download our forms directly. You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view it.

Can I take the plan when I retire or leave City employment?

Yes, simply advise us when you retire so that the premiums can be deducted out of your pension or make other arrangements for payment.

How will I be notified if there is a breach in my identity?

InfoArmor will call you and if unsuccessful, you will be emailed

What happens if my wallet is lost or stolen?

Give InfoArmor a call and they will advise you on the steps to take. Also make sure you are enrolled in WalletArmor.