Filing a Living Benefit
Option Claim
Filing a claim is never easy.
At the Club, we will guide you through
every step of the way.

Let us help you through these difficult times.

What do I need to know?

When a life insurance policyholder has been diagnosed to be terminally ill by a California State Licensed physician, he or she may file a Living Benefit Option Claim which pays out 60% of the Life Insurance benefit. Terminally ill means 12 months of life expectancy.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us to file a claim. The forms you will need to complete are the following:

  • Living Benefit Option Form
  • Living Benefit Option Form (For Your Doctor)

Where to mail your claim forms?

City Employees Club of Los Angeles
Attention: Claims Dept.
311 S Spring Street. Suite 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90013

To File a Claim

Please contact our Claims Team

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does terminally ill mean?

You are diagnosed by a California State Licensed physician to have a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

What happens to the other 40% of my benefit?

After deducting processing fees, the 40% left will be paid to the appointed beneficiary upon the death of the insured.

How long does it take for a claim to be paid?

Once you mail the claim forms in, MetLife Insurance Company will pay the Life benefit within 9 days.